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"The future of MUNI BRT Greay Blvd."

"The future of MUNI's BRT Geary blvd"

San Franciscans for Sensible Transit welcomes you and asks for your help to save Geary Boulevard.

After you have read a bit we hope you will sign our petition, circulate hard copies to your neighbors and have them sent to us at:

San Franciscans for Sensible Transit
P.O. Box 590263
San  Francisco
C.A.,    94159
phone:   415-562-5327 
fax:        650-260-4171
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The MUNI Geary BRT Project, which will cost taxpayers $350 million dollars, will destroy the quality of life in the Richmond and potentially kill many small Richmond district businesses!  The BRT will restrict two lanes of Geary traffic (these lanes will be painted red) to buses and taxis, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In addition the Geary BRT will demolish the center strip on Geary from Masonic to 27th Avenue.  MUNI will cut down and remove hundreds of trees and flowering plants.  Many of the trees are historic old growth trees planted by Mayor George Christopher administration in 1959.


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About        History        Petition         Contact       

San Franciscans for Sensible Transit,      P.O. Box 590263,     SF,      C.A.,  94159


phone: 415-562-5327          fax: 650-260-4171